Landscaping in Inner West 

Sydney’s Inner West is an ideal neighbourhood, with its foodie culture and streets lined with arts, pubs, and shops. Plus, travel by bus or train from the city centre to Newtown is very convenient. You can stroll along the bustling Darling Street and browse through boutiques, or enjoy lunch in one of the vibrant pubs in the area. 


But more than these places, the Inner West’s landscaping is an important part of its identity. We make it our mission here at Newtown Landscapes to transform residential and commercial spaces in the Inner West. When it comes to undertaking landscaping Inner West projects, you can trust that our team will deliver nothing short of excellence. 


Experience is what makes us who we are 

Servicing the Inner West for well over 30 years, our horticultural and landscape experience has given us a strong reputation in the industry. We have built genuine connections with clients who have been engaging in our landscaping services over the years. Clients turn to us for quality landscaping in Newtown and surrounding areas, and the majority of our commissions come from client referrals. 


Our experienced team can handle all aspects of landscaping, including the design process, construction and ongoing maintenance. As our client, you won’t have to deal with different contractors. You can rest easy knowing that we at Newtown landscapes can cover the entire landscaping to produce the outdoor space you have always wanted. 


At Newtown Landscapes, we handle the following: 


Landscape Design 

We believe that thoughtful landscape design is the key to creating the perfect outdoor space. Whether you have a tiny courtyard in a residential area or a sprawling establishment in a commercial district, the landscape design will make or break your property. That Is why we are here to lend our expertise in transforming patios, yards, gardens, and more. 


With the help of our team, you can allow greenery to grow between stone tiles on your terrace, giving you an overgrown tropical vacation vibe right at your own home. Whether you want a living archway that frames the pathway to your garden or large potted plants that give off more magic in your outdoor haven, we at Newtown Landscapes can help translate your visions to reality. We will work closely with you to develop a detailed landscape design. 


Landscape Construction 

Our experience and expertise make us a dependable partner when it comes to landscaping in Inner West. We at Newtown Landscapes are your trusted professional landscape construction experts that are always eager to deliver high-quality landscaping solutions, giving your Inner West property the transformation it deserves. After developing a landscape design, our professionals will then work with commitment and dedication to build the landscape of your choice. 


Experienced in a wide variety of disciplines, our team delivers high-quality landscaping solutions that meet, if not exceed, your expectations. At Newtown Landscapes, we are dedicated to completing projects that are sure to impress our clients. You can rest assured that you are working with expert landscape architects, garden designers, horticultural specialists, and construction teams who only have your interests in mind. 


Landscape Maintenance 

Our services don’t end with the design and construction. Here at Newtown Landscapes, we also offer maintenance services to ensure that our clients’ outdoor spaces will not fall into disrepair. We want to ensure that our projects don’t lose their charm. Part of the many things we value is customer care, and we want to maintain your landscape for your peace of mind. 


We Are Your Dependable Landscaping Partners 


For landscaping in Marrickville and surrounding areas, Newtown Landscapes has got you covered. With our horticultural experience and expertise, you can achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. When undertaking landscaping Inner West projects, engage the services of Newtown Landscapes and experience a world of difference.