Landscaping in Marrickville 

It’s easy to say Marrickville is a great place to live. There is such a rich diversity of people with a thriving and growing foodie, arts and entertainment scene. Marrickville is also lucky to have fantastic transport links. With so much to do and so many places to go it's important to make time to tend to your landscaping needs. 


, without a doubt, one of Sydney’s most fascinating suburbs. Its rich diversity covers the full spectrum – the Americas and Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. With a thriving art and festival scene and convenient access to three-train lines and multiple bus routes, Marrickville is a wonderful place to be. 


Being a suburb with fantasic, community supported schools, playgrounds and community facilities, like addison road community center 

It’s not just a place for grown-ups. Boasting an extensive line-up of schools, playgrounds and community programs, this Inner West suburb is also popular with young families. If you’re anywhere in Marrickville, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices you can make when it comes to shopping, food, and even landscaping. 


We at Newtown Landscapes believe that landscaping in Marrickville is one of the simplest ways that this community establishes its identity. That is why our clients turn to us for expert landscaping in the Inner West. We’re here to transform spaces in Marrickville with careful planning and thoughtful landscape designs. 

At Newtown Landscapes, we provide landscaping services for social, economic and environmental reasons. 

We aim to enrich the quality of life in Marrickville and surrounding areas. 

There’s no disputing how important it is to incorporate tree canopies, gardens, and parks in a neighbourhood. Several scientific articles emphasise the social value of landscaping. Studies have also established that neighbourhoods with yard trees and tree-lined streets have reduced crime rates compared to neighbourhoods that don’t. 


Residents in neighbourhoods with landscaped spaces also have reported lower incidents of stress and an improved quality of life. This is mainly because they are more peaceful and feel protected from environmental threats against them. With our landscaping services, we hope to promote an improved quality of life among property owners in the Inner West. 


Our landscaping services are guaranteed to increase the value of your property. 

Residential and commercial property owners in the Inner West look for ways to gain the best benefit for their investment. They are usually willing to spend a budget of AUD $10,000 to make their properties more attractive and increase its value. With a high-quality landscape, you not only increase your home’s market value but also reduce heating and cooling costs. 


As a commercial property owner, you can drive your business to success by inviting more customers through better landscaping. Businesses with superior landscapes draw more customers in because shoppers are more willing to travel longer distances to shop in an establishment with beautiful landscaping Marrickville. 

We make landscapes that are good for the environment 

Landscape designs don’t just influence the value and price of a property. Here at Newtown Landscapes, we make landscapes not just for their beauty but also for the value they add to the environment. We make sure that lawns are well cared for so they can absorb contaminated water runoff. 


We are also here to keep lawns healthy so they can absorb thousands of gallons of water from a single rainfall event, consequently preventing soil erosion. Take note that healthy landscapes also capture dust, smoke particles and pollutants, making them especially good for the environment. Apart from absorbing these particles, grass and plants in a healthy lawn also absorb carbon dioxide and produces enough oxygen for people nearby, and we make sure your lawn is healthy for these reasons. 


Transform your Marrickville property with high-quality landscaping! 

Did you know that Marrickville ranked 10th in a survey of the coolest urban districts around the world? It’s got everything a sustainable neighbourhood should have, so it’s easy to see why it’s among the coolest suburbs out there. With a budget price of AUD $10,000 and a dependable landscape service partner, you can transform your property in a way that meets Marrickville’s cool image. 


For landscaping in Marrickville, turn to Newtown Landscapes. 


Newtown Landscapes: Delivering Quality Landscapes to the Inner West 

When it comes to landscaping in Newtown and Marrickville, you can trust that our horticultural expertise and services can amp up your outdoor space exactly how you want it.  


Whether it be lush gardens, arbours and pergolas, or even recycled stone and gravel pathways, we at Newtown Landscapes are at your service, ready to transform your property with excellent landscape.